Gabi Drabble – Addergoole

Though he hadn’t lived in a room where this was possible in quite some time, the sound of rain eminating from the young man’s computer gave him a certain element of calm. His Kept hadn’t understood the allure – none of them had – but it wasn’t something he needed to explain to them. It was simply his way of keeping sane in an insane world.

He hadn’t known what to expect when he came to Addergoole, but he’d certainly gotten that and more within the buried halls of his school. But in many ways…it had simply been an extrapolation of the life he’d already lived. It was simply as if he’d taken the rest of his life and added supernatural powers.

Year one had been eventful. Wrapping himself up with Miryam and Aleron, finding himself Kept, finding friends only to have their Keepers pull them away…and his Change.

Or, if you please, her Change.

Even now, Gabi wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. H’d become more comfortable in Gabi’s form, in the female body (pregnancy was a quick way to ensure you got used to being female), but even now h’ prefered to be a he – one gender, the one he’d grown up as. The wings, however, were a welcome addition.

If nothing else, it’d helped him find his own Kept.

And he had, regardless of his initial disinclination toward the concept. With his friends slowly finding each other and his own shyness and introversion pushing them further, he hadn’t managed to find his way into the niche that Leo and the others had. It simply wasn’t in his nature. He’d tried best he could, to keep in contact with the others. And he’d done the best with Leo, but… They’d been content in each other, and he’d never managed to solidify himself into a group.

So life had moved on. He’d been released from his “contract” as it were at the end of the first year, and had attempted to settle back in at home – but too much had changed. Even with a Mask up, his friends could all tell something had changed, even if they couldn’t see the Change. He’d spent most of his time alone in the house, not speaking to much of anyone.

Back at school, he’d made a place for himself at Hell Night as the avenging angel – keeping an eye on the big and nasties, and then swooping in and saving the one he thought needed it the most. Second year he’d been backed into a corner and forced to retreat, much to his chagrin. Third year he did better.

That was the year he Kept Arien. His lovely little enchanted one.

Sweet and innocent, brilliant with the Words he knew and disasterous with all the others, Gabriel had tried to make Arien’s life as a Kept person as acceptable as he could. Arien…hadn’t taken the concept well at all, not at first. It had taken several harshly worded commands and many a tearful night before finally the younger boy had been willing to talk to his Keeper about what was really happening. And he had given the promise that he’d heard made to him back in his first year – give it two weeks. If, at the end of two weeks, Arien was well and truly miserable, Gabi would release him from the contract and he’d be a free student again. But he warned him, that other Keepers would not be as kind – much like the one from the dark hallway on Hell Night.

Arien had stayed. Even through the Changes, even through learning of Gabi’s Change, through all the problems and miscommunications and fights, through meeting Gabi’s daughter…he’d stayed. Gabriel had always been exceptionally grateful for that. When so very few people in his life had stayed, Arien had stayed.

Which was nice, because seeing Arien come into his Change was both marvelous and hysterical. True to his lineage, he’d grown taller, more slender, and tenfold more etherially attractive (which, from Gabi’s perspective, was quite a feat given how good-looking he’d been in the beginning), and just the faintest traces of wings sketched on his back in a metallic silvery-gold. His hair had been streaked similarly, with blue-silver and gold lacing through the tawny brown.

He’d complained about “looking like a girl”. Gabi reminded him that some of them were a girl. That took the wind out of his sails, though it’d been all in good fun.

Arien had only agreed to be allowed to be released from his Keeping at the end of the year by Gabriel promising, once the Bond was broken, that they’d still be friends during the next year. He’d made the promise easily, not wanting to lose Arien any more than Arien wanted to lose Gabriel. And as the next year began, Gabriel sought out Arien to keep in touch, as he’d promised. The smile and hug he was given made up for a summer’s worth of waiting.

But then his final year had begun.

He was still one child short of graduating, and had no particular prospects in that arena, other than a fierce determination that she didn’t want to have the child herself this time. Utilizing the female form was lovely and something h’d grown accustomed to. Being stuck there in any way for nine months was not what he wanted at all, not for his last year at the school. So as he came in, he was keeping a close eye on the new students, seeing if there were any in that particular Cohort that struck his fancy.

Part of him was absolutely appalled that he’d been lowered to this. Was he no better than the people before him? He was determined that if nothing else, he’d approach it better than those he’d seen go ahead of him.

And that was when he saw her.

A fragment from a dream he’d had years ago…a girl he’d sworn to himself wasn’t real…someone that even now, three years later, send chills down his spine. And she didn’t have a clue as to why.

With Arien’s help, and a few other favors finally called in, he Kept Aikia on Hell Night.

He had to teach her – had to ensure she’d be better than what he’d seen.

He had to try.

~ by R on January 20, 2012.

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