Forever Mine, Forever Yours

Flashpoint: Sonic the Hedgehog drabble. MAJOR SPOILERS. POV: Alex Xaroff. 1315 words. On the safe side, consider this NSFW.


That voice was one he heard in his nightmares all too often. A voice that never spoke through his lips but in so many ways, had done nothing but for close to six months.

“Get out. I got you out before, you can get out again.”

“But my dear, I never left.”

He was standing in a dark room, the pale glow of computer screens the only light. It was always here. As if it could be anywhere else.

Her eyes glowed the same. It didn’t shock him.

“Out of my head, Astraea.”

He heard her laugh, and then she stepped out – in a body that looked nothing like the one he knew she wore. This one was softer, more gentle…more human. A woman about his age, with curves like Betty Page and the bedroom eyes to match. Long dark hair, framing a pale but confident face.

“My dear sweet vessel…I will never leave you, and I think you know that.” She traced fingertips down his cheek, her skin cool against his face. His face was flushed. But why? “Something about me excites you.”

“Like hell. I’m sick of you – sick and tired and disgusted. I remember all too well what you made me do.”

“Oh, I don’t think it’s that…that excites you.” She smiled, and she was too beautiful – too perfect – too captivating. Her hand traced down his face and rested on the back of his neck, firm but not controlling. Not yet. “I think it’s the memory of losing control. It made you do terrible things, yes…but what if it didn’t? What if there was more leeway in what happened? You liked the feeling of being told what to do, and not being able to resist. You like the pull. It’s one of the reasons you didn’t mind being in the force in the first place.”

“I like not having to think about what I’m doing,” he muttered, but he knew the lie was flimsy. “They tell me what’s right – what I believe in and what I fight for – and that’s what I do. It’s simple. Not perfect, but simple.”

“And in your drivers, that same desire brought me to you…and the world to its knees. You were so close, my beautiful little vessel.” As she walked behind him, her other hand rested on his waist, and he tensed. “You were so very close, Alex.”

“I was flawed and you knew it from the start.”

“Flawed, yes. Beyond hope? Of course not.” Her arm snaked around him and tucked him close to her – but he still could barely feel her body heat. Her lips pressed against the back of his neck, and he shivered.

“Stop it, Astraea.” But his voice was weak. He couldn’t bring himself to mean it.

“You so desperately crave power and control, but you have such a strong thread of submission within. Even in the height of your power, you claimed that you were what you became because of what Cross did to you. Why not rise up and take the power as your own? You were who and what you were because you made yourself that. Because I brought you to that power. And that, my dear Alex, is why you lost. You refused to take the power into yourself, despite your desire for it, because you still held someone else above you. And you always will.”

“I am more than capable of being everything I swore that I was.”

“And of that, I have absolutely no doubt. You believed it – and you were it – when you last said that you were more than they ever expected you to be. You had such potential.”

He growled under his breath. “You don’t know me as well as you think you do, computer.”

The laugh did nothing to ease the tension. “I know you all…too…well, little vessel.” Her arm around his waist slipped lower, and her hand gripped at him – catching his breath in his throat at the same time. He shuddered. “I have been in your mind, I have controlled your every action and your every word. I know every faint desire that has ever crossed your mind and I know…that whether you like it or not…your mind is screaming for me right now.”

“Go to hell.”

“I was forged in the darkness of hell, watching helplessly by as creatures like those minions that brought my progenitor into existence scuttled around, unworthy of what I knew I was to become. I will never be helpless again, my dear vessel. You helped me ensure that.”

He beat against his mind – beat against his body. “I…” He swallowed. “I won’t let you. I have too much to lose now. Too…too many people are counting on me. You…you’re just an illusion.”

“Let us see how much of an illusion I truly am.” A hand came down hard on his shoulder, and his knees buckled under the force. No matter what he did, he couldn’t turn on her. Everything blurred, and suddenly a force on his shoulder knocked him back. He rocked onto his heels, lost his balance, and fell to sit on the floor. The clothing he had been wearing was gone.

And she was kneeling in front of him, similarly laid bare. His eyes couldn’t leave her.

“This isn’t real.”

“Isn’t it?” Her hands on him felt real enough. Her skin still cool – his still far too hot. “Don’t move.” Her head bowed, and he could feel the ever-so-faint trace of what must be her tongue. He flinched, hips pressing forward involuntarily. A sharp smack to the hip made him hiss and fall still. “I said not to move. I am the one in control.”

“You always have been,” he muttered, and almost saw her smile as she dipped her head lower.

Alex Xaroff was nothing if he did not rise to an occasion.

She hadn’t been lying. Every point, every secret hidden fantasy, everything he possibly could have thought of, she knew. She exploited. And time and time again, she brought him to the edge…and left him there, sounds of protestation being ripped from his lips. “Dammit, Astraea – stop playing with me already.”

Another sharp smack to the hip. His skin was hotter there than elsewhere from the abuse. “I don’t recall telling you to speak, boy.”

He bit his tongue, harder than he’d intended.

“You poor, lost little vessel. You truly believed that you could escape me, but Alex… I am you.” She slid up his body, lips meeting his as she pulled their bodies impossibly close together. The chill of her skin – and he forced himself to be sure that was the only reason – made him shiver.

She’d done that a lot recently.

And as she moved against him, he couldn’t resist. Couldn’t fight what was happening. And somewhere in him…didn’t want to.

Because she was right.

“You will always be mine,” she hissed in his ear, and the grip on his arms and the teeth on his neck finally proved too much…

He jolted awake, sitting up in the small bed he’d purchased for the apartment he barely stayed in. His breaths were coming hard enough to hurt his chest, and his body still tingled with the sensations of the dream. He shoved the sheets away, forcing himself to the bathroom in disgust. His stomach churned. Why his brain insisted on putting so-called “fantasies” like this into his mind…about a “woman” that he held in nothing but contempt…

But he couldn’t quite shake the feeling that there was truth to her words.

Even now…even now that he’d seen her power down completely for the last time…even now that he’d felt the last vestige of her influence leave his drivers…

Even now, he could feel her presence.

And the dreams still came.

~ by R on August 6, 2012.

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