With the Sunrise

Alternate reality/partially Echo Bazaar. 419 words. Slightly adult content.

It had been some time.

As a figure with a reputation to keep – changing ever as it was depending on where they called home that day – very rarely did a lover find them in the flesh. Potions, concoctions, tinctures – chemistry of all kinds was the trick of the trade, and for a dealer of dreams, the ability to hide in the shadows was paramount. Many a man (or woman) had been seduced under the guise of a thousand fleeting imaginings…never letting any get too close, nor any to stay past their time. A person had to find pay, did they not?

But the storm had changed too many things.

A familiar face, as it were, arriving on the doorstep, waterlogged and weary. ‘No’ simply wasn’t an answer. So the man was invited in, given a glass of the finest merlot on hand, and a blanket to keep warm. A fire was already set, and the alcohol gave the warmth the blaze could not. But as he removed the goggles he’d always been seen with…well, curiosity had always gotten the better of this cat.

And he was alluring, no doubt.

And so she – and she they were, as only could be when stripped to only what they’d had since birth – awoke the next morning, still wrapped in the heat and sweat of the previous night’s embrace. His breath was easy, indicating sleep – his eyelids just barely parted, a faint glow casting on her skin. She traced her fingertips gently against his hair, the man never stirring. In her mind, a thousand scarlet-cast memories danced past her eyes, remembering every touch and every word – every lust-laden prayer that had escaped their lips. Her skin still tingled. It had truly been too long.

“As tempted as I am, Doctor…” Her voice was barely a whisper, husky from sleep and exertion. “I have engagements to keep.” She pressed a lingering kiss to his lips, him still never stirring, and slipped from his arms. A quick wash and change later, and they were hidden again beneath the guise of attire. The vest fit snugly over their chest, the long coat not buttoned yet but the weather promised it wound be soon. A hat tugged firmly down to the eyeline, as their boots clicked softly on the wooden floors.

A single glance back to the man sleeping on the couch, and for an instance, she hesitated.

“As tempted as I am…”

The door clicked shut with a whisper.

~ by R on October 31, 2012.

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