Welcome to Addergoole

I decided to write Night Vale fanfiction. Lyn told me to cross-over Night Vale and Addergoole. The following happened.  1458 words.

The stars, no matter how distant, are always shining. They will always be shining. Look…and see them shine in your eyes. Do not blink. Welcome to Night Vale.”i


Luke’s eyes snapped open, the eerie music echoing softly off the walls of his bedroom. “What the…” He sat up, rubbing his eyes, wings flapping once out of irritated habit.


The PA system had been activated. …The PA system that he wasn’t entirely sure existed at Addergoole. Pulling a shirt on, he stepped out into the hallway – where the music continued, at no different volume and no less weirdness. He made his way to his office, grumbling under his breath.


Listeners, I must admit, I am being subjected to an absolute treat tonight,” a melodic baritone voice spoke over the fading music. Luke hesitated in his tracks, blinking at the voice. Not a familiar one. Not a student – not a member of the Council he’d met – not any Ellehemaei he’d ever met. He’d recognize that voice.


Dammit, if someone managed to break into Addergoole and not set off the wards… Luke let the threat go unfinished in his mind as he kept walking.


The voice was still speaking. “It appears that I have been chosen by the City Council to give you all a live, remote broadcast! I…am not entirely sure where I am, however. I appear to be in a building. There are no windows, and very few doors. I have not seen a single hooded figure since I arrived approximately three hours ago. I cannot tell if there are any helicopters. Luckily for you, dear listeners, my entire radio console has appeared with me.”


The door to the office slammed open, and Luke stormed over to the room with the security cameras. If there’s someone here, I’m going to find you and figure out what the hell you think you’re going…and how you’re doing it. He’d supposed it wouldn’t be a difficult Working, to act like a PA system, but to get into the school…


An initial scan showed nothing, other than the usual level of students out of bed at inappropriate hours. However, they all seemed to be listening as well – which meant it wasn’t just Luke. Reassuring.


From what little I have seen, I am certainly no longer in Night Vale – which may just be a first for me. How wonderful is that?” The voice sounded amused. “There is no dog park, no helicopters – at least, none that I can see – and though I haven’t seen it yet, I am convinced that if there is a library here, it will be far superior to the one we are subjected to in our little burg.”


Luke growled. Was this guy taunting him, or genuinely obtuse? He flicked through the cameras again, still finding nothing of use. Dammit! Where could he… There were very few places in the school where there weren’t cameras, and if he had to go back into the basement to find this guy…


I hope that my receiver is still sending my broadcast back to you all. I would hate to imagine the disappointed looks on all of your faces when your radios turn on, and all you hear is the absence of my dulcet tones. But never fear, your humble reporter will not fail in his duties, as long as they are his to bear.”


Mike walked in, a more amused than troubled look on his face. “You’re hearing this as well, right?”


“Where the hell is it coming from?” Luke snarled, pounding his fist into the table.


“He’s not on the cameras?” Mike leaned in, peering at the screen. “Shame, I’d love to meet him…”


“Mike.” Luke’s wings flared. “How the hell did someone get in past the wards – to a place where I can’t seem them? How is he projecting his voice through the entire school? Where the hell is Night Vale?”


Mike shook its head. “That I don’t know. Any ideas?”


Luke shook his head back. The voice continued.


I…I’m not sure what news or traffic I can give you, listeners. My fax machine didn’t appear with me, and the phone was absconded with by a large winged creature not two minutes ago. I have seen several odd pets since I arrived here, but none that I have not seen before in the Night Vale Recreation Center during PTA meetings. After all, we have all seen a pteradon.”


Luke and Mike looked at each other. “Fucking departed gods, he’s in the basement,” Luke cursed.


“Well, at least we know where to look.” The two took off, listening as the voice continued to speak.


I will say, it does strike me as very odd that I have not been greeted by any local townspeople…or perhaps, buildingspeople. I have never been outside of Night Vale, and do not know if this transmission is interfering with any local broadcasts. The City Council did not provide me with an assimilation packet, and there does not appear to be a City Council here. …Unless that winged creature is part of the Council. The world away from Night Vale is a very strange place indeed, dear listeners. I can only imagine that Carlos, Night Vale Community Radio’s favorite scientist, would enjoy himself immensely out here, exploring the natural habitat.” There was an uncomfortable pause. “I do hope this broadcast is reaching you. I would not want Carlos – or indeed, any of you – concerned for your faithful reporter. This is a temporary reassignment, I am sure. If it were more permanent, I would likely be reporting from the abandoned mine shaft on the edge of town, or perhaps, from Desert Bluffs.”


“Hate to be Desert Bluffs, from the way he talks about it,” Mike muttered, as it and Luke made their way into the basement.


“I’m gonna hate to be him when I get my damn hands on him.”


“Now now, Luca…he seems just as confused as to how he got here as we are about the same. We can give him a chance.”


And now, for lack of my other usual reports, the weather.”


An oddly disjointed and somewhat cacophonous country-style song began playing, and Mike began giggling hard enough to have to stop walking. Luke glared, his wings twitching from lack of room to flap. “Mike.”


“I’m sorry. I just…it’s a song. How can you tell the weather in an underground bunker? It’s perfect,” it gasped out, hand over its face.


“Dammit, Mike…”


“Okay, okay. We’re going.” It took most of the length of the song to finally find the room the voice had to be behind – an odd red light shone from around a doorframe, and finally the sound of the music appeared to have directionality to it.


Luke pushed open the door – revealing an entirely empty room, save for a large metal desk, covered in radio paraphernalia. The red light was coming from an “ON AIR” sign somehow mounted next to the doorframe. An old-fashioned microphone was hanging from a stand boom, pop screen a few inches from the receiver. And sitting behind the desk was a man with his brown hair worn styled to the center of his head, a curled lick at the front that gave him just an odd enough young look. His violet eyes were framed by square black-rimmed glasses. He was dressed in semi-formal attire, a dark grey button-up shirt with a shimmering violet tie, tucked behind a black vest, and black slacks.


He was oddly attractive, in the way that suited Addergoole students. If Luke hadn’t known better, he could have imagined it was some member of Mike’s or Drake’s cy’rees gone rogue.


The man’s eyes tracked to the two of them, and as the song ended, he gave them a wide smile.


Well, what have we here?” The voice was no less tantalizing from this close. “It appears I’ve found a few residents of the building I find myself in. As much as I hate to cut a broadcast short, dear listeners, I think it only fair to the populace of the fine establishment I find myself in that I make their acquaintances before continuing with the broadcast. For now, simply remember that the PTA water park field trip is still scheduled for next Friday, provided transportation remains agreeable, and that the City Council has advised all citizens of Night Vale to please remember that no one is to attempt to cross the Old Town Drawbridge, despite recent restoration attempts going terribly wrong, due to a communication error.”


The smile grew as the man set his hand on the red button in front of him.


Good night, listeners. Good night.”


The broadcast went dead.

~ by R on September 28, 2013.

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  1. Oh my, oh my, I can just hear it in my head now.

    • *grins* Thank you! Writing Cecil is a blast – and definitely a challenge in tone. I’m glad you can hear it!

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  3. Hee. 😀 😀

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