There was a knock at the door, and V pushed it open, showing Yoosung standing there, hands behind his back. “Hey. I’m a little early.”

“That’s fine, don’t worry.” The photographer took a step back and let Yoosung walk in, which he did, looking around the house. “I’ve changed a lot of it.”

“That makes sense.” Even now, their conversations were stilted. They’d come so far, and really mended so much of their broken friendship, but there was still something between them. V didn’t think it was Rika–at least, not what Yoosung had most recently told him about his former fiancée. They had yet to decide when would be the best time for her to visit, and whether or not her seeing V was actually for the best. Yoosung had said he’d contacted the program’s administrators to ask for their opinion, but V hadn’t heard anything since. He assumed Yoosung hadn’t either. “It looks good, though,” the student continued.

“Thank you. It’s…I’ve tried to let it reflect who I am now. Who I’m striving to become.” Much of it was still marveling at being able to see as well as he could again. A few less pictures on the walls, the content still up having changed. It was hard, but it was necessary. “You said you had something to speak to me about. Is it…Rika?”

Yoosung shook his head. “No, no it’s not her. I haven’t heard from the place yet. I think they’re talking with her doctors.” V nodded, but didn’t interrupt, letting the younger boy continue at his own pace. “It’s…um. It’s about the wedding. My wedding.”

“Okay? The…venue? The pictures?” He and Chrissy had already spoken fairly in-depth about what she was hoping for in terms of pictures from the event itself, and any in the days surrounding the big one. Yoosung had never sent any input along, so they’d assumed he didn’t mind–and that wouldn’t have surprised V. Maybe he was changing his mind about something…?

But he shook his head. “No, it’s not that. It’s just…” He sighed. “Chrissy’s choices for her bridal party were easy. She and Rion and Jaehee have all been pretty close. But…I don’t feel that close with anyone, really.”

V sat down, and Yoosung sat with him. “What about Hyun? You told me that he’s the one who helped you find Rika her home.”

Yoosung nodded. “Yeah, and I’m thinking about him, but… I don’t know. Asking someone to be my best man seems like it should be someone really close. Really important. It feels like a big thing to me.”

“I remember the feeling,” he responded softly. For him, at least, the choice for his best man had been obvious. There was no one he would have asked to stand at his side other than Jumin. He wasn’t entirely sure the same would be said in opposite, particularly now with Jumin’s own wedding looming and his odd connection to Saeyoung as strong as it was, but that didn’t bother him. But for Yoosung…yes, he could see the difficulty. There was something holding him back from everyone, or at least there had been for so long, he didn’t have any of the connections the others did. “So what can I help you with, then? Are you looking for a suggestion?”

“I want you to be my best man.” The sentence was abrupt, and V actually leaned back, startled. Yoosung looked up at him, and amended the sentence. “I mean…I’d like it if…you’d consider it.”

The sentence didn’t want to parse in his mind. Me? After everything they’d been through, every fight, every argument, every shred of anger…he was asking him? V forced his brain to start up again. “I…you’re sure? That you’d really want me up there?”

Yoosung looked back down at his hands. “I can’t be mad at you, not anymore. I know it wasn’t you, and I know now that you did everything you could to try and help. I know…” The boy chanced a glance up. “I know you loved my cousin. And I know how much, when she was well, she loved you.”

V swallowed, but the lump in his throat didn’t budge. “I did,” he whispered.

“And I like to think that if things were different…you might have been a part of my family now. But I never got a chance to go to your wedding. I’d…” Now Yoosung swallowed. “I’d really like you to be a part of mine. I…I don’t know if that would mess up your photography stuff for everything, since you’d have to be in pictures, but…”

V cut him off and tugged him into a tight hug, not dissimilar from the one they’d shared in Yoosung’s old apartment, what felt like years ago. “I would be honored, Yoosung.” His voice was little more than a whisper. “And don’t worry about the pictures. I can figure it out.”

“Okay.” Yoosung slowly returned the hug, and V could hear the smile spread across his face. “Okay.”


~ by R on January 24, 2017.

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